Saturday, September 20, 2008

I want to post, but I got nothin'.

I've had pretty much a "blah" day. I realize that those days are going to continue to happen, I just hope that I can get them to start coming a little less frequently. I was upset by some emails, which was silly and completely not what I interpreted it as. Once I relaxed a little, I had more family issues to deal with. That's what keeps upsetting me the most at the moment. I hate feeling so powerless when it comes to the situation I'm in. I have very little choices. I don't like feeling trapped, and I especially don't like feeling as if I am dirt. That's just on one side of the family. If we shift to the other, I have a whole new list of things to dwell on. Always healthy.

I've got a topic to write about that I'm not sure I've spoke about to anybody. Perhaps I can get to that tomorrow. I want to be able to put my entire focus into it, and can't really do that effectively at almost 1:00am.

I guess I don't have a lot to say at the moment. Just proud of myself that I made it through another "blah" day, and this time with some clarity and realization that everything is, and will be, just fine. I can rest a little easier tonight. I hope!

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