Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Darling Boy

Two years a go, my baby was almost a leap year baby.

Two years a go, my baby was almost born on the side of the expressway in a blizzard.

Two years a go, he changed my life completely.

Two years later, my little boy is two.


I know, time flew by, right?

*sigh* My beautiful, sweet, kind, caring little baby.

He has the best giggle and the most adorable smile.

His dimples and toothy grin make me melt.

When he hears a sound from another room, he shouts, very gruffly, "That?"

When he has an idea, which is very often, he puts his finger up under his chin and says, "Hmmm."

He has on knock, knock joke and it makes me laugh every time.

When he's sleepy, he climbs up in my lap and folds his hands right under his chin.

He defiantly tells everyone, "MY MAMA", and clutches me around the neck.

He throws things.

Well, he throws everything.

He colors on my wall.

And floor.

He gets mad at me, yells, "NO!" wagging his finger in my face, running to his room and slamming the door, and then I hear him emptying bins of toys on the ground.

He knows that makes me crazy.

He climbs on everything.

And everyone.

He's constantly putting things in his mouth.

Especially anything that has gluten in it.

Which is bad, considering he is a gluten-free kid.

He drives me crazy sometimes, and I really wonder how we will make it through these crazy toddler years.

Then he curls up in my lap and kisses me on the cheek and smiles at me, and my heart melts, and I pray that these crazy toddler years go by very, very slowly.

Minus the throwing things. That one I can do without.

Happy 2nd birthday, my darling boy. I love you more than I can ever describe!


KLZ said...

I believe the throwing things starts early and lasts long. Congrats on two years!

Jenny said...

Thanks! :) And I really was afraid of that...ugh.