Sunday, January 10, 2010

I totally earned the title of this blog!

Why is it when I am beyond exhausted I just cannot sleep?

I used my time tonight to comment on several blogs I read, organize my calendar for the week, make several lists of things that need to be accomplished.

Oh, I showered. That was exciting.

It's peaceful. The kids are both sleeping soundly. Which figures, really, considering I'm not sleeping. They only wake up every 20 minutes ALL NIGHT LONG when I'm passed out.

Hubby is home, I'm here on the computer (I'm Captain Obvious, too!), he's watching TV. He's worse than me when it comes to this sleep thing.

Last night was a very unhappy gluten reaction night. The Baby Boy was miserable.

Someday soon, I will touch on her gluten free story.

It's an important one.

I have to work in the morning. That is exciting! I'm taking phone calls in the office, and then showing houses. I'm very excited to do that, my clients are excited, too, which makes it so much fun!

6 months until I go back to school. I can't wait.

I'm starting to look at college options. Applications will go out by the end of the month. I wish I had been this excited 8 years a go when I was a senior in high school.

Time to be forceful with this sleeping thing. The morning comes quick. Usually only when I'm tired.

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