Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Parenting is Joyous!

My children can be incredibly sweet.

The Princess is so worried about the Baby Boy, she watches over him carefully and alerts me at the first sign of him even glancing at something that may have gluten in it.

The Baby Boy adores his big sister so much. He follows her everywhere.

They play so well together. We spent several minutes today each taking a turn making a silly face and the others having to copy it. It was so much fun, so much giggling occurred! The Baby Boy's faces were priceless, and the Princess could not stop laughing! It was wonderful.

They sat together today, in a laundry basket, the big sister teaching the little brother nursery rhymes.


That moment, of course, was immediately followed by pushing and shoving trying to race each other OUT of the laundry basket. Then the little one climbed ON TOP of the big one as she crawled away from the scene, both of them screaming their pretty little heads off.

Precious, always precious. :)

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