Monday, January 18, 2010


I don't know how many people actually read this blog.

Anybody? Anybody at all?

I have great aspirations of sitting down and writing profound thoughts every day, and large quantities of people reading and commenting.

Well, okay, maybe not large quantities.

Just one or two.

And, well, FINE, maybe not writing anything profound, either.

But still.

I wonder how much is too much?

I've yet to use my kids real names. They have beautiful names, they really do!

I've yet to post pictures of them. They have beautiful faces, they really do!

How am I to know that I'm not giving away too much information? How am I to know that the serial killer of all serial killers happens to read MY blog, sees my kids faces, figures out where I'm from, and shows up at my house?

I've been reading blog after blog lately. The majority of them include both their kids real names and pictures. Some have just their names, others just pictures with code names. I'm seriously frightened about revealing too much.

So then what is the fun of having a blog? If I can't delve into my real life? Ugh. What to do?

Perhaps I'm over thinking it. I have a tendency to do that.

I've already apologized to my kids for their teenage years, when they are stuck with the extremely overprotective mother. I realize it's several years out, but the poor kids are going to have it bad.


Donna said...

Hi Jen I read all your blogs !. I totally understand about privacy issues too - I'm not sure what is safe and what isn't but you should do what makes you feel comfortable. It's too bad that we have such a world as this but all the time you read about some weird stuff..On facebook I don't post pictures of me or my grandkids but my kids do and my neices and nephews do so maybe I too am a bit too paranoid but so what..

Candy said...

You know my opinion... if someone really wants to find you, they will. I have so many other things I can worry about, that's not one of them. My kids know about stranger danger and all that stuff. That's all you can really do.

Jenny said...

Sorry for the delay in commenting, but thank you both very much for sharing! :)