Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday means excitement!

It's about time for a happy post, wouldn't you say?

Last week, I got some awesome news.

I really am going back to college.

My good friend shed some light on my waiting for acceptance into the school, and I called and sure enough, I didn't need to apply in the first place.

I'm super smart like that. Don't drop out of college, kids.

I spoke to the records department and re-enrolled and the wonderful man told me to wait 24 hours to log back on.

So I waited.

The next day things got crazy, and I didn't get a chance to get back on and see if I could log in to the school website until much later in the week.

I held my breath.

It worked.

I clicked on "financial aid".

And then I cried. Full on sobbing.

And laughing. Crying and laughing.

I'm not going to have to pay a dime to go to school this year.

I can't believe it.

I'm making an appointment with an advisor to see where I stand, to make sure my credits from my brief stint at another college have been transferred over, and to figure out what path I need to be on to accomplish all that I plan to accomplish.

I wonder how this will work. Will I be able to handle being a full-time college student? Maybe part-time would be easier, but what would that mean for the financial aid I've received, and the silly loan I can't wait to put on deferment? Will my kids be able to deal with it? Will I be able to manage my business at the same time? How will my daughter manage being in school all day everyday for the first time while I'm juggling everything else? Will I be able to coach volleyball? What about my house - we can barely keep it up now! Will the husband be able to manage going to school, too?

Cause, yeah, he's going back, too! We haven't heard about his financial aid yet, though.

This is so important, though.

Our kids will see us graduate from college.

They will see us achieve our dreams.

We will get better jobs.

We will be happier with our lives.

It's all so good!

It'll be hard work, though. Again, I quote my favorite movie - The hard is what makes it great.

I'm excited.

So very excited!

It's about time. We could use some excitement.


KLZ said...

Remember, there is no crying in college.


Jenny said...

Haha, love it! Thank you! :)