Friday, April 2, 2010

You Capture - Feet

Feet = gross.

Until I had kids anyway. I find every inch of them absolutely amazing, even those stinky, dirty little feet!

The fact that those feet take them on adventures, lead them wherever they choose to go - plus, the baby has the cutest chunky little feet. :)

My girl loves posing for pictures...even if it's just her feet. I'm appeasing her, and she's giggling in delight!

Cuddled on the couch together in the morning. The girl is playing with her beloved "Catty" and the boy is wearing his daddy's hat - yeah, over his face. Still in pajamas, socks dirty from the adventures the night before.

After a particularly rough day for everyone (we were a house full of cranks!), we wound down by watching a little Backyardigans. The baby wasn't interested!

I love their little feet together.

Because the boy crashed out, I moved him to his bed and my girl and I curled up on the couch for some story time, just us. I love that she's so comfortable, she leaned her head on my shoulder, and propped her feet up on mine.

(completely unrelated, but we JUST painted the living room this weekend - isn't the blue lovely? I'm in total love, I so enjoy sitting in my living room now! The amazing things paint can do, not just for our walls, but for our spirit! But this picture reminded me we still have some loose ends to clean up - where is that outlet protector and nobody reattached that cord, hmmm? More projects for today!)


I'm determined to make today less of a rough day. We're a bit stressed. Things are a bit tight. But I vowed to my kids that today was going to be a happy day. Even though we had to skip out on the playdate we were looking forward to, we will still have a fun day together.

It gives me encouragement that even on one of our "cranky days" we still had little moments like in these pictures.

That gives me hope.

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