Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh Sunday.

I think Sundays are made for rambling.

The girl and I went to church this morning. She was so very well behaved. I love when that happens.

We had a visiting priest. Some of the things he said really hit home.

One thing that stuck with me, something about not asking our spouse over and over if they love us.



Why do I do that? Why do I question?

We had another rough day.

Us and weekends don't tend to mix these days.

I guess that's why I question.

I know he loves me. He knows I love him. We just have to hold on as we maneuver through this particular time in our lives.

I think we can do it.

We've been through worse. We've been through more.

It just sometimes builds up.

Like the dishes.

And the laundry.

I sound like a broken record.

But it's true!

With kids, those things just get pushed aside.

Not saying I stayed up on the housework before I had kids, either.

...but I'll just keep that my little secret.

I'm a softball coach.

I love it.

The girl came with me to practice today.

Yeah, I made them practice on a Sunday.

I'm mean.



It was optional.

Seven girls came.

It was awesome. We played, had fun, enjoyed ourselves.

The girl had a blast. She hit the ball, ran the bases. The girls on the team cheered her on and played along.

I'm lucky to have not only a great kid, but a great group of girls on my team.

I'm trying hard to figure out a way to motivate and inspire my them.

It's not as easy as I'd anticipated.

But I keep trying.

That's the story of my life these days.

I just keep trying.

We just keep trying.

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