Saturday, April 17, 2010

Memory Lane - Grandpa's Closet

Growing up, our grocery shopping didn't only take place at the grocery store. It often took place at my grandma and grandpa's house.

Monday was produce day. Grandpa would call and take our order the night before. He never wrote anything down from what I gathered. He'd always just count on his fingers how many items. Sort of reminds me of myself - I always make lists (because I have a ridiculous obsession with list-making!), but I can remember things just by counting them. Guess he rubbed off on me a little!

He'd also pick up other things for us, I especially remember hot dogs. I'm sure there was more to the weekly meat trip he made, but he always brought us back hot dogs.

If we needed anything, we'd go over there to get it from their extensive pantry. They were always stocked!

Needed toilet paper? Off to grandma and grandpa's house!

Grandpa also supplied us with our cereal. Now, I was a picky kid. I didn't like chocolate. My brothers loved it, of course. I didn't like anything with marshmallows in it. My brothers loved it, of course. Captain Crunch grosses me out!

My grandpa knew that. He always bought my favorite - Apple Jacks.

When we'd come over he'd ask if we needed cereal, and if my mom said yes, it was our responsibility to go back to grandpa's bedroom and go inside his closet and pick out which cereal we'd like. There was always a variety.

There was always a box of Apple Jacks in there, just for me.

This week I ate a bowl of Apple Jacks every morning and smiled.

I wish I could have gotten that box out of his closet. I wish I could stop by his house and send my daughter into his room to pick out a box of cereal. I'm sure that he'd purposely pick out a box of her favorite cereal every week, just like he did for me.

Instead, I smile, and make a note to buy cereal for my grandchildren one day.


Jenn said...

My grandparents had a closet like that too. :)

KLZ said...

Oh, that's so sweet! I love that story.

And now I want Cap'n Crunch. Mmmmm.

Jenny said...

Ahh, see what I mean? I didn't even remember it was "Cap'n" instead of "Captain" until I read that comment! haha. I'm completely cereal challenged! :)