Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My life is full of reminders of things I need to do, things I've missed, things I wish I could do better.

I get frustrated when my youngest pulls all of the kid books off the bookshelf - and I mean EVERY book. I'm reminded that I don't have this parenting thing down pat yet and I wonder if I'll ever figure it out?

I practically pull my hair out when I see new crayon marks on the wall, despite the fact that I WATCH very carefully when they color, and I know I took all the crayons away when they finish. How did I miss this? I'm reminded there may be much more that I miss, and I pray that I'm only missing the hidden crayons, and cry that I may miss something much more important one day.

I smile thinking about the birthdays we've celebrated, and the exciting birthdays to come, and gosh, why do they come and go so quickly? I'm reminded that the days of excitement over birthday hats and balloons and sprinkled cupcakes are not here forever.

I smile seeing both sets of keys hanging - knowing that my husband is home safe and sound from work. And, wow, I'm reminded of how we've combined our lives and hearts in such big ways (our babies) and small ways (having keys to each other's vehicle). This makes me feel so grown up and just so darn lucky.

The sunshine inspires me. I'm reminded that there are opportunities and second chances and possibilities and dreams that can be achieved.

Some reminders render me speechless. So I just pray.

I'm reminded that I'm mom to a boy and mom to a girl, and how very different those roles are, and how very similar they are at the same time.

Oh, my sweet darling girl! Her daily beauty regimen at the ripe age of four includes a headband and pigtails, as well as an outfit of her own choosing. Today included black leggings, a navy blue skirt, a pink t-shirt, and pink Sleeping Beauty socks. Her creativity and excitement and beauty and wonder, oh, it's inspiring to watch, and makes me smile! I'm reminded of what an awesome gift it is to be her mother, and how more than anything I want to give her everything that I have. I don't want to let her down.

Little fingers playing with little cars. He's so very BOY, and it fills my heart with love and joy! I'm reminded that these sweet days of cuddling and kisses and "MY mama!" are passing quickly, and my heart aches. I had no idea how much I would love being mom to a boy, and how terrifying it would be, and how absolutely wonderful it would be, all at the same time!

A pile of shoes, shoes that carry my little darlings into their lives, helping them carry on adventures and fun, thrown on a floor that should be cleaned probably more often than I care to admit. I'm reminded that I need to give them adventures and fun more often.

Pre-school homework assignments. She loves it, she enjoys it, she gets giddy talking about how wonderful it is! I'm reminded that this is the beginning of her growing up and becoming independent. It's wonderful, and I'm grateful to be her cheerleader.

These moments, these reminders, the mess that needs to be cleaned, the laundry that needs to be done, the pile of dirty dishes, the spilled milk, the smiles, the giggles, the adventures and the fun...

....this is what makes every moment worth it.


KLZ said...

Who cares about the floors! Those babies are too cute to worry about that...the floors will always be there, these moments won't.

PS If you ever do find a good floor cleaning method, please let me know. My floors are also rather...in need. Perhaps we should just get a dog?

Jenny said...

HAHA, thank you for that! You are definitely right!! And I LOVE the idea for the dog... :)