Thursday, March 25, 2010

You Capture - A Moment

I've never participated in one of these before, but there are several that I follow regularly with interest! Especially You Capture. I want to take pictures, I want to catch these special moments and have them forever!

This week's challenge was "A Moment". I debated how to go about this. What kind of moment? Something sweet? Happy? Messy? Frustrating? Messy AND frustrating? (which is more likely these days...)

Then I watched my children playing together and I just started taking pictures of them. These beautiful moment came out.

They are happy little people. They genuinely love each other, and are so loved by so many people. These giggly, tickly, "roar-y" moments (yeah, the boy child is roaring!) are so awesome.


Lee Vandeman said...

That is a great photo. There really is nothing better than capturing your kids playing together. It's just a perfect action shot of love and sibling friendship.

See you around!


Life with Kaishon said...

Jenny! Welcome. I am SO glad you came and participated. I love the picture you took of your children playing. I can almost hear the laughter. They look SO sweet : ). I hope you will participate again and again. The kids will love seeing what you captured someday. And you know, every childhood is just magical : ) It will be nice for them to have memories!

KLZ said...

I love his little tongue! So cute!